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Today’s elite brokers are doing more than just benefits. Our goal is to connect you with a broker team who will bring you great benefits, HR technology and compliance, while providing world class service to you and your employees!

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How It Works:

Step 1.? SCHEDULE– Call us now or fill out the free evaluation form on our homepage.

Step 2.? IDENTIFY YOUR NEEDS– Through our 30 minute proprietary assessment, we identify areas of your business that can be improved (i.e. benefits, HR technology, payroll, compliance, and service), through a better broker.

Step 3.? WE GET YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE– We match you with one of our guaranteed full service benefit brokers, and create a seamless transfer to that new broker.

Confidential, No Obligation, No Cost Assessment

Our agency assessment process is 100% confidential and free. We never speak to your current broker or insurance company. We do not sell your information to other agencies or firms. After your assessment is complete, you choose if you would like us to recommend an agency for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be our agent?

No. Benefit Leader does not manage your company’s insurance benefits. We find the best agency to properly manage your benefits and partner with your staff to deliver the best experience possible.

Do I need to put together a Request for Proposal (RFP)?

No. You only need to fill out our agency assessment. We know exactly what your agency partner should be delivering and what want to ensure you receive the level of service and tools you deserve.

How do you find our agency partners?

Our team scours the U.S. to find and vet potential agencies. We examine their staff, their level of experience, their commission and/or consulting fees. We take a look at the clients they currently service and many times interview some of those clients. We exam how they manage the back-end of the agency, ensuring that they have the capability to properly service new clients. We examine the technology, integrations and tools they offer to their clients ensuring they have everything in place to service new clients.

Most of the agencies we recommend our referred to us by industry leaders and experts with a long history experience. Agency?s cannot pay Benefit Leader to be recommend, sponsored, or moved to the top of the list.

How do you select the right agency for my company?

After we fully vet an agency and complete your agency assessment, we locate the areas of service and solutions your company is currently NOT receiving and match you with an agency that will deliver the solutions, service, and tools you deserve. If applicable, we will also negotiate on your behalf with the agency to ensure you pay the same commission or less.

Please note that depending on the size of your company and its location, the agency?s commission may be a standard fixed rate regardless of which agency you use.

Is there a fee for your services?

No. Our services are completely free to you. We take a portion of the commission and/or fees from the agency which they would ordinarily receive with you as a client. This is primarily paid by the insurance carrier. The agency cannot charge extra. All fees would be the same or less, than what you would pay if you did not use our services. This is guaranteed.

How long does it take to do an agency assessment?

The agency assessment can be done online in less than 15 minutes. We will receive your answers and contact you to ask any additional questions we may have and to discuss any areas of improvement we may find. We will even contact you if we don?t find any area of improvement! While it is rare since less than 5% of agencies meet our vetting standards, it does happen!

How long does it take to find the right agency partner?

It will usually take less than 48 hours once the information we need from the agency assessment is received.

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